Message From the Executive Director

Dear Educator, The highest quality professional development training is available right here in New York City through the Executive Leadership Institute. It is my honor and sincere privilege to lead this progressive educational organization. Join us and take advantage of our regularly scheduled professional development workshops and our Three-Year Educational Leadership Program or contact us to customize individualized PD presentations for your school. Each year, forward-thinking educators benefit from the training we provide to successfully meet the challenges of diverse school environments. Our experienced staff is ready to support and assist you in pursuing excellence in your school community. I look forward to working with you. Eloise Messineo, Ph.D. Executive Director


The Executive Leadership Institute is a not-for-profit Approved CTLE Sponsor organization designed to deliver practical, relevant and essential professional development for today’s school leaders. The intent of the various programs is to provide standards-based, results-driven leadership training to help school leaders successfully fulfill their responsibilities as instructional leaders.

Behind our mission is this premise: Each NYC school has a unique culture derived from the individuals who work in and attend the school. A school leader integrates these constituencies into a harmonious, effective school with engaged, achieving students. Our programs give school leaders the tools they need to create true learning communities.

Since 2002, we have trained hundreds of school leaders to better manage the day-to-day activities at schools as well as taught them the overarching theories and practices that govern education. Our topics range from data management for improved student achievement to growth mindset and emotional intelligence. We provide one-on-one mentoring, small workshops, large seminars and daylong programs. Scores of our participants have ascended the leadership ladder and hundreds more are well on their way.

Programs that take place in our seven Educational Leadership Centers include:

School Leadership Institute (SLI)
Advanced Leadership Program for Aspiring Principals (ALPAP)
Single Topic Workshops for All CSA Members

ELI also offers a large selection of single topic workshops throughout the school year and summer. Scheduling of all workshops is carefully planned around the school calendar to maximize a supervisor’s ability to attend.

Great schools begin with great leaders. It is our mission to equip them with the tools they need to succeed. Please read through this entire section for further details about ELI’s programming, or call (212) 823-2020 to speak to a staff member.