Annette Kunin

Annette Kunin is an educational visionary with extensive experience in the field of education. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree from SUNY at Buffalo and a Masters and Professional Diploma from Hunter College in New York City. Annette began her career as a teacher of students with special needs on the upper Westside of Manhattan and subsequent ally became a supervisor of Special Education for District 3. Among her accomplishments is the founding of a school for students, who were twice exceptional, a long-standing interest of hers. When Annette became the principal of an elementary school in Bayside, Queens she brought her philosophy of gifted education for all children to the school. Under her leadership the school became a model for school wide enrichment practices. For her work in transforming the urban elementary school, Annette received a Cahn Fellowship at Columbia University and a citation in a book, “Leading Adult Learning”, by Elie Drago-Severson, a professor at Teachers College. In her long and distinguished career, Annette has held many positions. She has helped schools to implement the special education reform, to utilize the Danielson rubric to improve teacher practice, and to refine the common core standards. As a coach for principals of renewal schools, Annette worked with schools to increase student learning outcomes. Currently, Annette is a consultant for the Executive Leadership Institute in New York City where she lives. She continues to follow her passion for education through writing and presenting at workshops on areas of interest to educators, mentoring, teaching at Hunter and City College, and supervising special education itinerant teachers.

Curriculum Advance, Danielson, Literacy, Teacher Team Work. Developed curriculum for Korean visitors, curriculum writer “Branding” Presenter (fee for service). Twice Exceptional Children, Growth Mindset, Branding, DASA all topics