Arleen Liquori

Arleen Liquori served as an Assistant Principal for eight years at Louis D. Brandeis High School. Ms. Liquori served as Principal at Louis D. Brandeis High School, Legacy School for Integrated Studies High School and Baruch High School. Under the District 2 Superintendent, she served in a support capacity as Principal Assigned for various High Schools.

Ms. Liquori received a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from St. Francis College, a Master’s Degree in Education from Hunter College and a Master’s Degree in Supervision and Administration from Touro College.

As an educator, Ms. Liquori’s philosophy centers around the importance of creating and supporting a strong instructional program that leads to positive outcomes; forming an ongoing collaboration with members of the school community, including campus schools; establishing a collegial environment for staff and creating and maintaining an open door policy for staff, parents and students.