Barbara Murray

Barbara Murray was the former Director of Music for the New York City Department of Education. In this capacity, she provided leadership and guidance to school leaders and K-12 music educators throughout the system for the ongoing improvement of music instruction and programming.

She developed and oversaw the implementation of New York City’s comprehensive Music Blueprint for Teaching and Learning, PreK-12, editions 11 and 111.  This document serves as the pathway for excellence and engagement in music, and is the NYC DOE’s instructional resource for identifying, designing and applying the desired elements of comprehensive music education.

Ms. Murray contracted and developed partnerships with New York City’s major cultural organizations for the enhancement of music in DOE public schools.  She designed and presented workshops to support citywide instructional goals in the arts for music educators, school and district leaders.  She continues to serve as an ongoing advisor to individual music teachers and school leaders.

Her appointment was preceded by a distinguished career in music education and performance.  She served as Assistant Principal of the Creative Arts Department (music, visual arts, business and technology) at William C. Bryant High School.   She has taught music at all levels, Pre-K-12, in Westchester, New York City and Rome Italy.  Miss Murray was an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Music Education at the Steinhardt School of Music, New York University, for 13 years.

She has performed professionally in film, television and in live concert with a variety of recording artists.