ELI Partners with Lansing Michigan Public School System

ELI Executive Director Dr.Eloise Messineo; ELI Consultants Stephen Duch and Marystephanie Corsones; Dr. Camela Diaz - Lansing Aspiring Leaders & Principal Network Coordinator; Ms. Betty Underwood-REAP Project Director-Lansing School District

Initiated by Dr. Eloise Messineo, the Executive Leadership Institute secured a professional development contract earlier this year with the Lansing Michigan Public School System. The Lansing district consists of 27 schools with a total of almost 11,000 students.

In preparation for our professional development partnership, Dr. Eloise Messineo and ELI Consultants, Marystephanie Corsones and Stephen Duch, met with Lansing School District Representatives in Michigan in February, 2019 to ascertain their specific needs. Building upon several key areas identified and requested by the district leadership, ELI staff and consultants crafted a series of customized professional development workshops which were presented to district Principals and Assistant Principals in three multi-day sessions during this past March, April and June 2019.

Workshop topics included: Leadership Through the Lens of Diversity; Racial Equity in the Classroom; Growth Mindset; Emotions Matter; Students as Self-Directed Learners; Effective Communication; Formative Assessments; Difficult Conversations; Bullying; Time Management; and Tying Multiple Initiatives Together.

The workshops were well received. Those ELI consultants presenting the various sessions included: Gerard Beirne, Dr. Thomas DeMarco, Stephen Duch, Arnold Goldstein, Sherry Gregory, Annette Kunin, Catherine Bruno Paparelli, Mary Petrone and Judith Wilson.

Dr. Messineo plans to continue this partnership with Lansing as well as pursue strategies in approaching other school districts throughout the United States.

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