Dr. Janet Saraceno

Dr. Janet Saraceno is currently employed as a Consultant/Mentor for the Executive Leadership Institute. A highlight during her 24-year career with the NYCDOE was when the Chancellor personally contacted her and asked her to accept a position as the Executive Principal of a Bronx comprehensive high school. Initially, Dr. Saraceno started her career in the private sector. When her children were toddlers, she accepted a position with a business college as an Instructor of Business Management. After a few years with the college, she was promoted into an administrative position. Dr. Saraceno made a mid-life career change and became an English teacher with the NYCDOE. She was afforded the opportunity of becoming the Assistant Principal of Supervision at the same school. During her tenure there, the high school made advances and become the first high school in NYC to be removed from the Schools under Registration Review (SURR) list. Dr. Saraceno was then asked to be one of the four founding Principals of a comprehensive high school that was being restructured into four small-sized schools. As one of the founding Principals, Dr. Saraceno’s focus was on instruction with literacy as a primary concern. Under her leadership, the school received A-ratings on Quality Reviews and the administrative team earned several performance bonuses. It was at this point that she was honored to become an Executive Principal. Upon completing the 3-year contract as Executive Principal, Dr, Saraceno accepted an assignment as an Instructional Achievement Coach. During the process of restructuring a comprehensive high school, Dr. Saraceno earned an Ed.D. in Education Leadership from Fordham University. She also earned a P.D. in Administration & Supervision, a M.B.A. in Organizational Behavior, and a B.A. with a major in English and a minor in Secondary Education.