Jeffrey Scherr

Jeffrey Scherr is a Leadership Coach and Mentor who, under the aegis of the Executive Leadership Institute, provides direct support and training to school Principals, Assistant Principals, supervisors and administrators. Mr. Scherr served as Principal of Francis Lewis High School, a comprehensive high school in Queens with 4500 students. Under his leadership the school developed widely respected college preparatory programs in advanced mathematics, science research, forensics, law careers, and the performing arts. A firm believer that schools must foster high standards and rigorous instruction for all students, Mr. Scherr developed successful educational programs to serve the diverse student population at Francis Lewis, including special education students and English Language Learners. Mr. Scherr’s work was recognized by the Cahn Fellows Program at Columbia University, where he was selected to join a cohort of distinguished Principals, who receive extensive advanced training in educational leadership. Mr. Scherr also participated in Heart of Change program focusing on the “Essential Elements of Instruction.” Upon retiring from the Principalship, Mr.Scherr has served as the academic policy and pupil personnel services point person for Region 3, Network 201, and most recently, the Executive Leadership Institute of CSA. In this capacity, and as an instructional leader, he provides ongoing professional development workshops, individual support and mentoring for Principals, Assistant Principals and guidance counselors. Mr. Scherr’s professional training and experience has made him a valuable asset to Principals as they strive to develop the capacity of their cabinets and faculty.