Michael LaMorte

Michael LaMorte

Michael LaMorte is a proud product of the New York City Public Schools. Inspired by fabulous teachers during his years as a student, he chose to follow the call to become an educator himself. His career encompasses nearly 38 years in the New York City Department of Education as a teacher, a Middle School Assistant Principal , and as an Elementary School Principal. 

Michael brings nearly a quarter of a century of supervisory experience to the Executive Leadership Institute. His work was instrumental in the leadership of a vibrant middle school magnet arts program during his years as an Assistant Principal at William A. Morris IS 61. While Principal of an elementary school that is co-located with a District 75 partner school, he understood the importance of inclusive programs and promoted and created classes at the school that aligned with that vision. Michael was an active participant in the NYCDOE inclusive schools partnership initiative. In fact, The SS Columbia School is the first elementary school on Staten Island to have a NY State approved Pre-Kindergarten class inclusive of both District 31 and District 75 students and the first to host an elementary school ACES program. 

As Principal, Michael also focused on social emotional learning to enhance positive school climate and culture, including Sanford Harmony before it was initiated by the NYCDOE and the“respect,kindness,responsibility“ RKR initiative, which have been instrumental in the school achieving designation as a citywide “Respect for All“ school in recent years. 

Additionally, Michael focused on bringing Arts-based programs and extracurricular opportunities in the Arts and STEM to enhance student experiences in both of these vital areas to foster a joyful expression intertwined into learning for students.

Michael has PK-12 experience, however his supervisory expertise is primarily PK-8 as he has served as an Assistant Principal in a Middle School and as a Principal in an Elementary School. He holds a BA with Honors in English, a MS in Education and a professional certificate in Supervision and Administration from The College of Staten Island. He also holds SAS and SDA permanent certifications from the State of New York.

While Michael is proud of his professional accomplishments, he is even prouder of his family-Nicole his wife and children Alanna and Matthew.

Michael is both eager and enthusiastic to be able to share his experience and lifelong learning with new school leaders through the Executive Leadership Institute as a mentor and coach.