Nancy Sing-Bock

Nancy Sing-Bock has been an educator for 48 years. She was formerly the principal of P.S. 51 in Manhattan, District 2 for 15 years. P.S. 51 was named as a No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education in 2004. Before that, she was an assistant principal at P.S. 40M, literacy staff developer, general and special education teacher in District 1. She started her teaching career in early childhood as a teacher for five years. She was also a mentor in the Advanced Leadership for assistant principal, part of the Executive Leadership Institute for 10 years while she was a principal. She was honored as a 2005 Fellow in the Cahn Fellows Program for Distinguished Principals at Teachers College, Columbia University. She was also named Outstanding Educator by Education Week in 2010. Since she has retired in 2016 from the Department of Education, she is an alumni advisor in the Cahn Fellows Program. In addition, she taught at Brooklyn College supervising student teachers and conducting a weekly seminar in 2017-18. She is also a board member in the Abundant Waters After School Program. She is proud to be a mentor in the School Leaders Program.