Paulette Foglio

Paulette Foglio has been an educator for 45 years. As a teacher she taught on the pre-school, elementary, middle, and adult education levels. As an administrator, she started as an assistant principal on the elementary and middle school levels. Then she served as the principal of P.S.99Q for 18 years. During those years, the school and Ms.Foglio received many honors. One of these honors was being designated as a NYS Recognition School.
During her principalship, Ms.Foglio represented elementary school principals citywide on the CSA Executive Board. Her colleagues considered her their “go to” person for help with union matters. She would provide answers to their questions. Her positive attitude and ability to get the job done was well known among colleagues.

It is important for schools to have strong leaders who create environments that enable children to reach their full potential. As a mentor, Ms.Foglio would like to support school leaders in achieving that goal, as well as developing themselves and turning their visions into a reality.