Robert Zweig

Robert Zweig

Robert Zweig is a proud product of the New York City Public School system as both a student and an educator. After attending Brooklyn College and St. John’s University, Robert became a special education teacher in a middle school in Brooklyn, where he taught all subjects and eventually served as the school’s dean.

He then transitioned to District 79, where he worked as a teacher in partnership with a community-based agency, serving out-of-school and struggling youth, many of whom were systems-involved. Recognized for his effectiveness with this population, Robert was promoted to Assistant Principal of Supervision and Organization, where he supervised programs in all boroughs, providing instructional direction and support, managing agency partnerships, collaborating with neighboring community schools and scheduling the school’s budget

Robert became principal of the school, where he served for 13 years, including through a reorganization led by the district superintendent. Robert was appointed as deputy superintendent of District 79 in October 2012, and as superintendent in September 2018. District 79 tripled in size and educational outcomes under Robert’s leadership from 2018-2022.

During his tenure as superintendent, the district developed and strengthened its relationships with CUNY, establishing high school equivalency and CLIP programs located on CUNY campuses. Additionally, he facilitated the creation of college/career coaches, paid student internships, the use of instructional technology in detention facilities and the expansion of Coop Tech. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, he successfully advocated with the State to provide limited exemptions for GED students, like those established for high school students. Ultimately, he advocated for and obtained approval to re-open GED testing centers throughout the city so that young people and adults may attain their high school equivalency diploma in pursuit of their academic and career goals.

In his forty-year career as a public school educator, Robert is most proud of his work with. young people and adults who others have often dismissed or ignored. He takes great pride in establishing partnerships with not-for-profit, public and private organizations throughout the five boroughs, all in service of students who needed an alternative means to the same end as any NYC student- to graduate high school equipped with the skills, knowledge and abilities to succeed in college and the workforce.