Ruth N Quiles

Ruth N Quiles is a former Principal from the New York City Department of Education.  She is one of only five recipients of Time Warner’s Principals of Excellence Award (2007) and a Chan Fellow with Teachers College. In 2017 Ruth also received honorable mention in Entertainers 4 Educational Alliance Principal Soiree. In June 2019 her school earned the distinction of being a Recognition School by the New York State Education Department. She spent thirty-four years in the NYC educational system where she held the following positions: special education teacher, crisis intervention teacher, assistant principal and principal of both a middle and an elementary school.  Ruth was given an elementary school that was on the School in Need of Improvement list (SINI) and quickly turned it around and it continues to thrive today. It is considered a Teachers College Model School today. The professional learning community that Ruth created enabled PS 131, a large elementary school with over forty percent English as a new language learners (ENLS), to make continuous improvement and meet their AYP targets. The success of this school is assisted by the culture along with rituals and routines she modeled and facilitated. Ruth is a good listener and observer who utilizes all types of data to make informed decisions which impact both student and professional learning.  Ruth is an avid reader and is currently reading Leading Well by Lucy Caulkins.