Serafino Cucchia

S. Steve Cucchia is an accomplished New York City educator. He has been employed by the NYCDOE as a teacher, Coordinator of Special Education, assistant principal and principal of a model middle school on Staten Island, New York. He has been working for the Executive Leadership Institute as a leadership coach, consultant, and workshop facilitator for new assistant principals. He has been an adjunct instructor at the College of Staten Island, St. John’s University and Long Island University. Throughout his tenure at these universities he has assumed many responsibilities. At the College of Staten Island, he was the NYSED Certification Officer. At Long Island University he was a mentor and lead seminar instructor for the Special Education Fellows Program. At St. John’s University he was the lead seminar instructor as well as the Director of Student Teaching and Field Services. Steve’s experiences and knowledge as an educator and school leader took him to New Jersey to be the first director of a special service 6-12 grade school. He was also the Director of a K-12 Career Education Program servicing students and a career placement program for adults in the school community. Steve received his BA in History/Education, Masters in Education, Masters in Special Education and his NYSED Professional Certification in Administration and Supervision.