Shirley Matthews

Shirley H. Matthews was formerly from the DoE, and left that post in June 2015. Mrs. Matthews served the BoE/DoE for thirty-five years. During those years, she held multiple positions. She was a high school special education teacher who taught resource room students, Health teacher, Senior Advisor, Assistant Principal of Special Education, Assistant Principal of Pupil Personnel Services, and Assistant Principal of Security. After serving in the position of Assistant Principal of Pupil Personnel Services for several years, she was recruited to join the Queens High School Superintendency where she served as a troubleshooter and was in charge of assisting with creating thirty-five School Leadership Teams for the borough. Mrs. Matthews became Principal of the High School for Environmental Studies in January 2001.She served as Principal for fourteen years. In 2006, was awarded a Cahn Fellowship for Distinguished Principals in recognition of her excellence in academic leadership. From 2009 to 2015, Mrs. Matthews was a mentor for the Advanced Leadership Assistant Principals Program. She was also a member of the National School Leadership Network. In 2010, Shirley H. Matthews received the Outstanding Educator of the Year Award from Education Update and in 2014 she was recognized for her role in erasing the achievement gap in science education faced by girls and students of color by offering them the support needed to graduate high school and instilling in them the self-confidence to pursue institutions of higher education. In 2016, Mrs. Matthews received Coach Specific Training for Leadership Coaching to enhance staff and student performance in Renewal schools. From 2016 to present, she has worked for the Executive Leadership Institute overseeing the Advanced Leadership Program for Aspiring Principals.