Shoshana Singer

Shoshana Singer was a former New York City educator. She worked for the NYC Department of Education as a teacher, staff developer, supervisor of special education programs, Instructional Support Specialist, assistant principal, and formerly as a principal of an elementary school in Brooklyn, N.Y. She earned her certificate in school administration and supervision, and Master of Science in Special Education from Brooklyn College. Her eight years as principal of a model school have been the most exciting and rewarding years of her career in education. As a school leader, she established a school-wide commitment to Arts Education and created an arts-rich learning environment. Learning through the arts enabled mainstream students, students with special needs, as well as English Language Learners, to develop essential knowledge skills and creative capacities they need to succeed in school, work, and life. She has been working for ELI as a mentor for the past two years, supporting new school leaders. Her focus has been inspiring school leaders to have a shared vision for learning, creating a positive school climate, nurturing and sustaining collaboration, building trust, and setting high expectations among teachers and students.