Susan Tronolone

Susan Tronolone

Susan Tronolone is a visionary educator with a career spanning roles as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal, dedicated to serving a diverse student population. Her leadership has reshaped school organizations to prioritize both academic excellence and social-emotional support.

At the core of Susan’s initiatives is a steadfast focus on student achievement and individualized support. During her tenure as Principal, she spearheaded transformative efforts, including the design and facilitation of instructional teams adept at data analysis, standards prioritization, and curriculum crafting to ensure academic success. 

Notably, Susan restructured special education programs to create inclusive environments, fostering collaboration between disabled and non-disabled peers. This was evident as she strengthened the District 75 inclusion program within her building and continued on the path in developing a working partnership with the District 75 co-location program where she established working staff relationships and student to student collaboration.

Susan’s commitment to student success extends beyond her own school’s boundaries. She designed and facilitated collaborative cohorts with elementary schools to ensure a seamless transition for students entering middle school. These cohorts focused on deeply analyzing ELA and math data, preparing students more effectively for the middle school experience.

Within these cohorts, Susan developed tailored professional development opportunities for elementary school staff, equipping them with the tools and strategies needed to support students transitioning to middle school successfully. Her efforts aimed to bridge the gap between elementary and middle school education, ensuring a smooth academic progression for all students.

Additionally, Susan facilitated collaboration among feeder school principals, providing a platform to share relevant data and collaborate on best practices. This initiative fostered a culture of continuous improvement, where educators could learn from one another and implement proven strategies to enhance student learning outcomes across the district.

In addition, her visionary leadership extends beyond academics, as she established a city-wide recognized award winning performing arts program and a cutting-edge STEM program through effective budgeting, as well as a state of the art STEM lab.

As an adjunct professor for St. John’s University, Susan mentors student teachers in mastering effective instruction and building rapport with students using the Danielson Rubric. Through her guidance, she instills the principles of quality teaching and the significance of meaningful student relationships, preparing them for successful careers in education.

Susan’s leadership was duly recognized with the Distinguished Principal of Staten Island award in 2020. Her passion lies in cultivating a supportive climate for students, staff, and the community, rooted in a deep understanding of each student’s unique needs and is proud to be a part of the Executive Leadership Institute where she can share her vast experience.