ALPAP Testimonials

Testimonials ALPAP Graduation 2022-2023

“This has been a very comprehensive program. I had an amazing experience. Thank  you!” – G. Browning

“I am so thankful for  this amazing experience. I truly was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I learned so much from it that will help me in my future career as a leader. Thank you again.” – C. Cigliano

“ALPAP is a great platform for developing and molding school leaders…As a participant, I appreciated the opportunity after each session to provide feedback for growth and enhancement of the program. “ P. Joseph-Cockburn

“This program was very eye-opening and gave me a great understanding of the challenges/successes of becoming a principal.  I truly value all that I have learned and hope to be able to take on the responsibility of becoming a principal soon.  Thanks again!”-S. Better

“THANK YOU! I will never forget all that I have learned from this experience.  I am so grateful to have this community and look forward to attending more ELI PD in the future.  Thank you to all of the principals who took time to support us…THANK YOU ALPAP Leaders! “-E. Pagan

“Thank you Shirley, Duane and others that have made ALPAP possible.  This was a transformative experience for me.”-L.Aguilar

“I cannot say enough how wonderful this program is.  The professional development that is offered is incredible, not to mention the opportunities to network and engage with colleagues and potential supervisors.” E. Jaeger

“Thank you so much for providing such valuable knowledge that I would not have been able to receive anywhere else in my career.  It was a great learning experience and it has prepared me for so my different situations that arise in the building.  Thank you all for you dedication and time to prepare new leaders.  I appreciate you!” -S.Ali

“Keep doing a great job of producing prepared Principals who will effectuate the change necessary for students to be successful.  “-S.Thomas-Hughes

“This is tough because the program is beyond exceptional and supportive…thank you for this magnificent experience and your unbelievable guidance. See you soon. “ -M. Smallhorne




“Thank you once again for a great boot camp–have a great summer.” ~N. NANES

“The sessions are great”. G. Campbell

“I’m very grateful for the last four days- it was the most informative and engaging professional development I have participated in as an Assistant Principal. Thank you for your organization, and the thought and care you put into these sessions!” ~ S. Cedermark.

“Thank you for setting this up for us. The sessions are truly a valuable!!! Thank you for making this real, relevant, and resourceful! :)” F.McAuliffe

“Thanks for listening to our feedback! Good modeling too. “ D. Chu

“I thoroughly enjoyed and can’t wait to apply some of the skills acquired.” S. Williams

“Great team and tasks. The book is excellent, and I’ve learned so much from it.” J. Smith

Graduates Testimonials:

“I wanted to take this opportunity to say “thank you” for inviting me to the ALPAP 2021 graduation. It was a wonderful ceremony in which brought back so many wonderful memories. I remember sitting on zoom for my ALPAP graduation, thinking how nice it would be to be one of the principals to come back and speak to the graduates, and I did. It was a great feeling and a terrific experience. I am truly blessed to have been enrolled in the ALPAP program. I am even more fortunate to be known as a former Alpapian. Thank you again for the opportunity. Be well.” R.Sainato

“Dear Shirley,

This journey would not have been possible without you. You saw something in me when you accepted me into ALPAP, and I am forever grateful for this experience. It has been an honor and a privilege to learn from you and the team. Thank you for your support and guidance and for preparing me to be the best I can be.

Most of all, thank you to you and Duane for such an AMAZING and MEMORABLE graduation day. This is a day I will never forget, and this journey is one that I will ALWAYS cherish and remember. I am PROUD to be an ALPAPIAN!”



ALPAP Graduation May 2021 Testimonials

“Without a moment’s hesitation I can say with much confidence that ALPAP has prepared me to be an effective school leader.” –K. Green

“My journey brought me to the DOE at 42 years old. I’d been to many PD opportunities in various industries. ALPAP has been one of, if not, the best-designed and executed programs. I’m thankful that I was honored to be a participant and to call myself an ALPAPian alum. So, yes, I’m prepared for the next step knowing I now have access to a support family during the next chapter of my journey.” –Dr. J. Antinora

“ALPAP has been an amazing experience. I believe I have grown in all the school leadership competencies. Most importantly though, because I want to make the leap to elementary school (after 18 years in high school), I gained a better understanding of the mindset that is necessary to lead successful elementary schools.” –K.L. Drouillard

“Reflecting on my participation in ALPAP, I have gained transparency into my own leadership traits and competencies, categorized as strengths, in progress, and needs support. This provides a framework for a new Principal to seek proactive support from colleagues, district staff and mentors. Strengths- instructional leadership, core values, developing an equity lens, communication, time management; In Progress- community leadership with all stakeholders, school improvement, building a team/school culture; Needs Support- all fiscal and legal aspects of the role.” –F. Piccone

“This experience has been truly rewarding and I feel so fortunate to have been part of this program. Thank you for making such an impact!” –L. Nevins

“Thank you again for your support during my ALPAP journey.” –S. Atkinson

“I do feel prepared to be a Principal via ALPAP.” –T. Francis-Samuel

“I am ready! ALPAP has taught me a lot about myself and about what is needed to go to the next level. I am looking forward to embracing future opportunities and making an impact. Thank you for your guidance and support throughout.” –M. Pontebbi

Rory Parnell, Principal


ALPAP Participant

August Martin High School

“ I always say ALPAP gave me my principalship. Between my relationships, the networking and my mentor, ALPAP really pushed me to have the courage to take the next step. Leading a school has been the greatest and most humbling adventure so far, to serve our scholars is a true honor. Thank you ALPAP!”

Sholom Fried, Principal

ALPAP Participant
P.S. M721

Manhattan Occupational Training Center

“I want to thank the program coordinator…my mentor principal…all of the other mentor principals, as well as my fellow ALPAPians from the 2015-2016 cohort. It is due to your guidance, friendship, ongoing support, and collaboration throughout the program and beyond that has enabled me to successfully transition into my new role [as principal].”

Additional Testimonials from ALPAPians:

“I’m ready to be a principal. My mentor principal and ALPAP Coordinator feel I’m ready so I think I’m ready if there’s an opportunity.”

“This is my seventh year as AP. I feel confident to be a principal. My principal is retiring in November and he’s endorsing me for his replacement. He’s given me autonomy to make decisions, grooming me. The superintendent knows me. I have credibility. I’d love to take over this school.”

“I feel ready, feel confident. I’ve been an AP for eight years. I feel ready for the next stage.”

“I never felt ready for AP job, now I’m doing fine as an AP, so I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. I’ll never know everything. I’ll learn by doing.”

“I equate the decision to having kids. You never feel ready. Like other major decisions, I don’t know everything about the job. I’m ready enough to be successful and you have people with you to help you do that.”